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[Exhibition] GT SCIEN participated in the 2023 China Educational Equipment Exhibition

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The China Educational Equipment Exhibition, which celebrates its 82nd anniversary this year, is the largest and most influential professional exhibition in the Chinese educational equipment industry. Educational equipment products and services required for various education are on full display, and laboratory equipment is one of them.


GT SCIEN participated in this exhibition together with its Chinese business partner, Shanghai Dafeng Group. Dafeng Group is carrying out new laboratory construction and remodeling projects in elementary, middle, high schools, universities, and scientific research fields in China, and is a leading company in the educational equipment field in China with over 500 cooperative institutions nationwide.


Booth visitors showed great interest in the toxic gas purification device for safe air quality and TOGUARD, a chemical treatment agent. It was an opportunity to once again feel the global interest in EHS (Environment, Health, Safety).



↑Click on the image to see the equipment for a safe experimental education environment

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