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GT SCIEN strives to create safer laboratories through continuous research and development.

Why Do We Need EHS?

  • Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is a field that implements safety and environmental policies at places of work.
    The scope of EHS includes procedures for identifying and controlling safety hazards as well as accident prevention, and seeks to reduce overall risk to people by developing safe and environmentally friendly work practices.

The Unique Nature of Lab EHS

Laboratories are dangerous environments and researchers, the vanguard of scientific and techological development, are at high risk of accidents and exposure to harmful chemical substances. Implementing integrated EHS management systems protect researchers, ensure their long-term safety, and guarantee a pleasant, environmentally-friendly work environment.

  • Exposure to dangerous toxic chemicals and gases
  • Difficult to identify risks and predict outcomes
  • Accidents mostly resulting from human error or negligence
  • Complaints from neighboring facilities and local communities

GT SCIEN's Solutions

Laboratory EHS is not an issue that can be resolved with invidivual equipment purchases or simple facility modifications. In order to implement proper lab EHS management systems and establish a sustainable R&D environment, an integrated preemptive approach is required. GT SCIEN Co., Ltd. offers three solutions for improving laboratory environment, health, safety and efficiency.

    Toxic gas purification, environmental protection and energy savings
  • IoT EHS Platform
    Prevent accidents before they occur
  • Lab EHS Total Solustion
    Data-based one-stop service for lab EHS optimization


Improve your lab's environment, health, safety and efficiency with GT SCIEN's EHS solutions.